Pets are members of the family, and many homeowners go to great lengths to accommodate their needs and safety. Most pets enjoy romping around outside, so why not make the experience as safe and enjoyable as possible?

Synthetic turf is great for pets for many reasons, including enhanced safety, waste cleanup, pest control, and health benefits—and it can even be installed indoors for a perfect play area in Denver, Centennial, Thornton, and other Colorado areas.

Fake grass reduces the risk of pet exposure to toxins, allergens, and injuries.

This golden retriever in Thornton, CO is enjoying the new synthetic lawn his owners installed.

We live in a gorgeous part of the country. The Denver, CO area is known for its natural beauty, but along with nature comes many risks to the health of pets. Synthetic grass eliminates the unknown variables found in your yard and instead gives you a neatly groomed, safe surface for pets to enjoy.

Here are just a few dangers pets face in natural grass areas:

  • Exposure to toxins - Choosing synthetic turf in lieu of a natural lawn will eliminate many dangers to pets, including contact with toxic animals, insects, plants, and chemical lawn treatments.
  • Allergic reactions - With artificial turf or fake grass, the insect population on your property will plummet. Insects thrive off of moisture, and many pests feed off of living plants. The risk of allergic reactions from bug bites or contact with toxic plants will be significantly reduced with synthetic turf because insects will look elsewhere for food and pollination.
  • Reducing injuries - Pets often decide to dig holes and chew things they aren’t supposed to. Precious paws can be injured while digging after making contact with rocks and hard roots. Rocks and sticks can cause choking concerns and damage the teeth and gums.

Indoor pet areas provide soft, realistic surfaces for animals to enjoy.

Even if you choose to grow natural grass on your property, you can always opt to have an indoor pet area installed. We offer several lines that work perfectly indoors. Our technicians can custom design an area for your pet to play, lounge, and even relieve themselves on—all inside the comfort of your home.

Pet waste cleanup is made easy with fake grass.

This pet-friendly artificial turf was installed at a home in Centennial, CO.

Another important feature of fake grass is an easy cleanup. Just about everyone has stepped on pet waste in their backyard that may have been hidden by blades of grass. With our artificial turf, all you have to do is spray away pet waste and the job is done!

Our products are lined with porous backing designed to drain massive amounts of water—nearly four times the typical drainage of fake grass. The enhanced drainage is due to the research and development of a porous backing called ProFlow, which utilizes a special material that allows water to seep through.

Standard turf is usually punctured at set distances to allow for drainage, which often fails when it becomes clogged with dirt. Our turf is different and will provide an exponentially better experience cleaning up animal waste.

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