Fenced in dog park outside a vets office that is located in Denver, CO.

Pet & Dog Artificial Turfin Denver, Colorado and the entire Front Range.

Our pet-friendly synthetic grass gives your animals a surface that stays cool and soft for their paws and also features superior drainage for pet waste.

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Pet & dog artificial turf in and around Denver, Centennial, and Thornton, CO.

Our artificial grass products take into account the comfort and needs of your pets and come with an 8-year warranty.

Happy dog in Denver sitting comfortably on artificial turf.

When it comes to protecting your pooch or other pets, the synthetic turf made at our facilities takes into account their comfort and needs, as well as your expectations and provides an unparalleled product.

We make our artificial grass products 100% in America and back them with an 8-year warranty. We serve both residential and commercial customers in locations all across the area of Denver, Centennial, and Thornton, CO.

Our Pet Turf Products

Two Options for Dog-Friendly Fake Grass

Our K9 Deluxe 60 artificial grass for dogs and other pets.
K9 Deluxe 60
Fake Grass for Dogs that is fast draining - K9 Champion DF
K9 Champion DF

Dog Parks, Cat Condos, Vet Clinics, & Other Facilities That Use Our Artificial Turf

Our artificial turf is specifically designed to bring comfort and durability for all industries that work with pets and dogs on a regular basis. Some of the most common pet facilities that use synthetic turf products include:

  • Cat condos
  • Dog parks
  • Vet clinics
  • Dog runs
  • Military training academies
  • Pet-friendly restaurants and bars
  • Animal/humane shelters
  • Pet agility courses
  • Boarding facilities

With our superior ProFlow drainage, business owners don't need to worry about pet waste piling up on their lawns.

Benefits to Pet Owners & Their Animals of Having Our Synthetic Grass Installed

Centennial pet owner's dog enjoying the shade.

Synthetic grass can be an asset for pet owners and their animals. Aside from the low-maintenance of never having to worry about routine lawn care, there are a number of benefits that come with installing professional grade synthetic grass.

You prevent your four-legged friends from exposure to chemicals, such as fertilizers and pesticides. Your artificial grass is free from lawn pests that can easily infect your pets and home. Pet owners and businesses can easily let animals roam, run, and play without worrying about muddy paws and unclean fur. In addition, the durability and flexibility of the turf allow for a safe environment for endless activity.

Our Fake Grass Products Come With an 8-Year Warranty and Other Perks

Statues placed on artificial turf outside of an animal hospital in Thornton, CO.

When you choose ProGreen Synthetic Turf for your fake grass needs, we make sure your decision is one that is easily reached. Our over 30 years of expertise in the industry has led us to create the best product with our extensive knowledge and innovative technology. Our product won't just meet your synthetic turf needs—it will exceed them.

Our product also has groundbreaking ProFlow drainage technology that is able to drain at 4-5 times the capacity of a standard drainage system in artificial grass. It is created with a completely porous backing that makes cleaning up after your pooch the easiest task ever. With our groundbreaking technology, urine easily slips right through the drainage system leaving your lawn free and clear of stains or odors.

Our residential and commercial properties are backed by an 8-year warranty because we know and love our products. Whether you need to install a small dog run or an entire yard, you are guaranteed years of satisfaction with our products. We also make sure our products are only installed by the best of the best and hand-select the distributors we want to sell our products based on their knowledge and experience with artificial grass. Your peace of mind is of the utmost importance to us!

Call us to get our pet-friendly synthetic turf installed at your property.

Take care of your pet and dog needs by utilizing a synthetic turf that is safe, soft, and secure. We provide a dual-fiber product that gets its durability from the sports sector and its softness from the landscaping sector. Our turf products retain their color even throughout pet waste and weather conditions, and the products can be made in a wide variety of colors and customized designs.

Residential and commercial customers will be satisfied with the longevity of our products even under extreme pet and dog exercise. Whether you need space for 1 dog or 100, we have the right product for you! Contact us today at (303) 578-3737 and we can direct you to a local dealer in or around local areas like Thornton, Denver, and Centennial, CO to meet your turf needs.

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