Residential backyard playset with slide, swing, log cabin, and fake grass in Centennial, CO.

Playground Fake Grassin Denver, Colorado and the entire Front Range.

Our IPEMA certified artificial grass is designed to protect kids from head injuries and stays cool to the touch even in direct sunlight.

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Synthetic grass for playgrounds throughout the Denver Metro area.

Protection from head injuries is provided by our IPEMA-certified synthetic grass, installed in areas like Centennial, Thornton, and Arvada.

Backyard playground with artificial turf at a home in Thornton, CO.

Safety is the number one priority for kids at play. Our manufacturer-certified installation technicians go through an elaborate training regimen to guarantee there is a safe play surface beneath those precious feet. ProGreen synthetic grass looks and feels like real grass, but comes with a safety certification provided by the International Play Equipment Manufacturers Association (IPEMA) that helps protect from head injuries during falls.

At ProGreen Synthetic Turf, we’ve been in the business of manufacturing and installing the highest quality turf since 1987. We service Denver, Centennial, and Thornton, CO, as well as the surrounding communities.

Turf Products for Playgrounds

Synthetic grass certified for safety.

Our Optimum Play DF Product is perfect for playgrounds.
Optimum Play DF
Our fake grass product known as Playground Extreme turf is IPEMA Certified.
Playground Extreme

Unique ProFlow Drainage Handles Heavy Rains & Snowmelt, Makes Cleanup Easy

Fake grass in use with this public playground in Centennial, CO.

In the Denver, CO area we get plenty of moisture from the rain and heavy snowmelt. Our turf is equipped with a secondary, patent-pending backing called ProFlow, which has a maximum drainage capacity nearly four times the average of competing products!

400 inches per hour can be effectively drained through our unique porous turf backing. Most other products on the market simply call for a punctured or “hole-punched” backing, which can clog and lead to damage or complete failure.

Another plus that comes with ProFlow is its easy to clean attribute. A hose can be sprayed directly onto the turf to clear off excess dirt or grime without the concern of additional runoff or excess puddling.

Our turf drains much faster than the competition, meaning children get a cleaner, safer place to play.

Durable, Made-in-the-USA Quality Stays Green Even in Shade or Direct Sunlight

IPEMA Certified artificial grass used in a school playground in Thornton, CO.

We take pride in our production process. Each and every ProGreen product line is manufactured in the USA, with fibers produced in Alabama, and manufactured in Georgia. From there, our turf products make their way to our service locations throughout the greater Denver, Thornton, and Centennial, CO area.

The artificial grass products are perfect for installation beneath and around playgrounds, and for open play fields. Our tough, dual-fiber strands are built for professional sports play and can tolerate cleats for hours of sporting use without damage. We use a special polymer which gives our synthetic turf a realistic look and feel that the kids will love to play on. We can even provide colored turf or patterns to match logos or themes.

Our synthetic grass stays soft and green in the shade or direct sunlight, with an anti-sheen property to prevent the shiny look of typical turf.

Maintenance & Important Features of Our Synthetic Turf

Every business/organization keeps a close eye on their budget, which often includes grounds maintenance and landscaping costs. With ProGreen synthetic turf, your maintenance costs will significantly decrease. With natural grass, thousands of dollars per year are spent on pest control, fertilizer, mowing, weed control, and other lawn care needs.

Our product is fully synthetic, and the only regular maintenance it needs will be to blow it clear of debris. Additionally, every 12 to 18 months the inlay will need replenishing. We are the perfect choice for HOAs, churches, schools, and municipal parks.

We usually recommend our artificial turf line called “OPTIMUM PLAY DF” for playground applications, which comes with many important features:

  • ProFlow (patent-pending) - Secondary backing is porous rather than punctured to allow 400 inches per hour of water drainage.
  • QuadriBIND™ - Primary backing involves a tough, threaded binding to guarantee the turf’s durability during rough play without damage.
  • 5’ to 10’ Fall Height - “Optimum Play DF” is IPEMA certified to protect from head injuries at a height of 5 to 10 feet, depending upon the height of your play equipment.
  • Additional Padding - We add a 1” or 2” layer of padding, and meet ASTM requirements for falls.
  • Warranty - This product comes with an 8-year commercial use warranty.

Call for information about our artificial turf for residential or commercial playgrounds.

We’ve spent the last three decades perfecting the art of artificial turf. The benefits of our advances in technology have come from experience with what works and last the longest.

Call (303) 578-3737 today to learn more or to schedule a consultation in our service areas in and around Denver, Centennial, and Thornton, CO.

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