Artificial turf installed in the backyard of a home located in Denver, CO.

Residential Artificial Grassin Denver, Colorado and the entire Front Range.

Get a low-maintenance, always-green lawn for your home that comes with an 8-year warranty and mimics the look and feel of real grass.

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Artificial turf for homes in and around Denver, Centennial, & Thornton.

Our synthetic turf is ideal for pool decks, grassy terraces, putting greens, or other residential lawn areas.

Artificial turf installed in the backyard of a property in Centennial with new landscaping and pond.

In the last several years, synthetic turf has grown in popularity for residential golf, pool decks, always-green lawns, and more. We provide a revolutionary artificial turf product backed by an extensive 8-year warranty. If you are looking for a perfect lawn, pool deck, grassy terrace, or sporting area that is virtually maintenance-free, our products are exactly what you need.

At ProGreen Synthetic Turf, we send a specially trained crew to your property to install our head-turning artificial grass in Denver, Centennial, Thornton, and the surrounding areas in Colorado.

Artificial Turf Products for Homes

Three Choices of Realistic Synthetic Grass For Homeowners

Natural Real Supreme, synthetic grass for residential use.
Natural Real Premium
Residential artificial turf that's sturdy - Natural Real Supreme.
Natural Real Supreme
Realist fake grass for residences - Natural Real Platinum.
Natural Real Platinum

Low Maintenance is Required for Our Synthetic Lawns

With our three primary products for residential lawns, the maintenance tasks you don't have to do will outnumber the ones you should do.

To keep a constant look of perfection, the average lawn requires irrigation specialists, landscaping workers, and lawn care services. With ProGreen’s always-green artificial grass, you will tally up your maintenance savings on a monthly basis!

In fact, there are only two primary maintenance tasks you will need to perform:

  • Blow off leaves & debris
  • Top off infill & brush-up the fibers (every 12-18 months)

Other than those simple tasks, our advanced manufacturing process guarantees long life and trouble-free maintenance for years. The rainfall should provide adequate rinsing and cleansing, but you can use a hose to spray off any additional dirt or grime that accumulates.

The tasks you WON'T have to perform include:

  • Pesticides
  • Fertilizers
  • Weed Control
  • Irrigation/Sprinklers
  • Aeration/Seeding
  • Sod

There are three primary products we use for residential lawns, each with different characteristics. Here is a brief rundown:

  • Natural Real Premium - Designed for common usage, light foot traffic
  • Natural Real Supreme - Heavy foot traffic use for front and backyards
  • Natural Real Platinum - High durability, front and backyards, pool areas with heavy foot traffic.

Synthetic Residential Turf Sporting Uses Include Putting Greens and Tennis Courts

Our “PG Augusta” line is used for the installation of professional-grade putting areas, grass tennis courts, and other residential sporting installations.

The majority of residential sporting surfaces we install are for golf putting greens or chipping areas. Many homeowners have recognized the benefit of having their own professional-grade putting areas to sharpen their game. With your green just steps away from your door, the time you dedicate to your putting game can increase.

With over 3,000 global synthetic golf course installations, ProGreen’s product gets the job done right.

Our “PG Augusta” product is specifically engineered for golfing perfection with a dense, proprietary polypropylene blend that provides the look, feel, and performance of a professional course.

Other sporting installations we provide include:

  • Bocce Ball Courts
  • Grass Tennis Courts (UK Style)
  • Lawn Cricket Fields
  • Pickleball Courts
  • Additional Athletic Surfaces
Artificial putting green installed in the backyard of a home in Thornton.

Highest-Quality Manufacturing Provides Unique ProFlow Drainage

Our turf stays green in the shade or direct sun and includes an anti-sheen property that prevents the reflection of light. Here are just a few of the benefits and technological advances found in our high-quality, artificial grass:

  • Patent-Pending ProFlow Drainage - Porous backing provides roughly 400 inches per hour of drainage, crushing the capabilities of other “punctured” products on the market (average 60 inches per hour), which are prone to blockages/puddling.
  • Dual-Fiber, Special Polymer Construction - Made in the USA, our product is composed of a dual-fiber, special polymer that gives it an uncanny realistic look and feel. Other products on the market are typically made from monofilaments, resembling wet spaghetti.
  • Organic Green Fill Inlay - Provides a softer feel and absorbs moisture to keep turf cool during hot weather.
  • Certified Installers - Every installation technician undergoes an extensive training program.
  • Backed by Warranty - Our product comes with an 8-year warranty.

Speak to one of our service professionals about a fake grass solution for your home.

We proudly install ProGreen’s high-quality synthetic grass for residents throughout the Denver, Centennial, and Thornton, CO area looking for a low maintenance, always-green artificial turf solution.

Call (303) 578-3737 today to speak to one of our service professionals about your installation.

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Aerial view of a residential putting green.
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